Why Advertising on TV Is Still Important Even With Streaming

There are a lot of people that have given up on advertising on TV. However, the numbers that many people cite as showing an exodus away from traditional broadcasts, aren’t accurate. They are forgetting to cite the millions of people that still use it, and of course, the people that are using antennas to broadcast individual channels without getting usurped into the streaming media wars. Now, there are some merits that come with advertising in this new era, especially if you’re going to get your brand name recognized by the biggest audience. In fact, there are several elements that come into play when you start to break down why this type of advertising matters.

Advertising On TV Is Still Lucrative

If you were going to run a political campaign, where would your money go? Certainly, you’d utilize the power of your money to work on pay per click, internet marketing, and others. But what about TV? Well, if the latest crop of elections aren’t enough to make you consider why advertising on TV matters, nothing will. You see, millions of dollars, to the tune of hundreds of millions are spent on television advertising spots, and many of which are running every 3 minutes across the nation. That’s because people still pay attention to their television screens, even if millions are using streaming devices to get their news, weather and beyond.

The Price Tag Is Not As High

There are plenty of channels on television that cost very little to advertise on. In fact, if you look at advertising on TV from various perspectives, you could very well get your ad played several times during reruns, and even certain first run shows for under $1,000. That’s right, some channels charge so little, you could have your advertisements in front of hundreds of thousands of people, for the cost of just 1 month of pay per click advertising online.

Television Isn’t Going Away

Even though there are pundits that are scared about the end of modern television, advertising on TV is still a strong connection point. Television in general is not going away, and neither are cable companies. If you read the financial news, you’ll see that the telecommunication companies are getting bigger, more savvy, and creating a complex network of elements to help businesses advertise to more and more people, and through television screens at any given moment. Not only that, with the fervor of sports fans never waning, you’ll always have the ads that come through games, including the Superbowl.

    Danny Sutton