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There’s a new start-up that’s taking the last-minute music & sporting events market by storm & it’s called Gametime. Gametime is an app that allows people to find and then buy tickets to any nearby gigs, concerts or sporting events at the very last minute. You could buy tickets up to just 30 mins prior to your desired game kicking-off. The Company was originally founded back in 2013 by a man called Brad Griffith. The capital raised to date is in excess of some $33 million. Over the last few years, there has been a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of tickets available on offer. A lot more professional sports events are now being catered for. In order to make these tickets available to its would be customers, it has to source the tickets from both primary sources and from resellers. Gametime has definitely benefited from the fact that sports stadiums are now going the paperless route and are offering tickets on mobile.

As the product has improved, so too has the marketing. The start-up has now rolled out many new and improved features. They’ve also been able to work on their video advertising which is helping to attract the young audiences who spend a lot of their time using mobile electronics such as smartphone and tablets. Their recent Video Spot marketing campaign on Facebook managed to get over 4 million views & this drastically drove up sales.

One of the great features that they now include is Snap & Sell. If the user takes a photo of a paper-based ticket, they can then upload it to the marketplace and price it up automatically. With the new injection of funding, expect new event discovery features for those looking to buy tickets and new tools to help improve the service for ticket suppliers.